The Voice of God

The voice of God is a very powerful sound, but can easily be drowned out by what we surround ourselves, our minds, with. Listening begins with a faithful and pure dependence on Him, on that He IS that He IS.

In knowing Who He is we are given understanding of what He has planned for us. His love He gave to us freely so that in turn we may glorify His name through our lives. (more…)

A Swift Motion (Genesis 3:22)

Throughout the calamity we’ve caused through the ages You still allow for Your mystery to be seen from the pages, removing those veils, those sheets from our eyes, allowing us to see beyond the lies, to discern which spirit denies and which one cries on Your name. (more…)

Jesus; The Eternal Bread

Through innovations and ingenuity, the food that we know as bread has been given a broad spectrum of execution. Bread is now more than a simple loaf that is baked in a stone oven. Think of all of the types of bread you either like or dislike; biscuits, croissants, bagels, muffins, cakes, pie crusts, baguettes, pitas and the list goes on and on. Bread has many shapes, colors, sizes, textures and tastes, and yet it still encompasses the same purpose; to feed and to nourish. But with all of the breads that are akin to the ones I have mentioned, the fact remains that after eating any of them we will be hungry again.

As our body hungers for bread, as it longs for nourishment, so does our spirit. As our body craves for food to digest, in order to break it down so that our bodies may be fueled with the various components it needs for proper functioning, so too does our spirit so that we may function properly in Spirit and truth. So with that I would like to turn our attention to John 6:26.


My Actual Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) at Tennessee Titans (1-4)

Week 6 of the NFL season is upon us and I want to talk about something positive concerning the league. We’ve been bombarded with negativity concerning players and teams so far this season and I want to take some time just to lighten the mood a little bit by talking about, you guessed it, my Jacksonville Jaguars. I guess the positivity has immediately gone out of the window, eh? (more…)