Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings all,

make sure that this time of year is not merely a symbolic occurrence but a reverberating mindset to where we are always thankful and willing to bring joy to others. May God continue to bless you through all situations and circumstances. Know that through faith in Jesus Christ that you are prosperous by default because His blood continually and eternally covers our faults.

Much love to you, your families and all people here and above. God bless.

The Words on These Pages (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

The words on these pages, they have endured for the ages, they’ve crumbled the wisdom of earthly sages who refuse to believe that death is what their sin wages.

The words on these pages make what’s wrong right, they turn what’s dark into light, they bring about joy from fear and fright. And as His words begin to train, by His sight we are all the same, as those who dare to call on His name show that their trust in Him is above unGodly fame. (more…)

The Blood Has Brought Us Near (Ephesians 2:13)

The blood has brought us near. By the blood we are able to be saved and in the blood we walk in the salvation that has been paved. The blood has its power whether or not we choose to believe; God’s grace is available to all regardless of who chooses to receive.

A gift cannot be given if excluded from the receiver, hence why Jesus’ death is quintessential for the believer. His blood makes the way for our spirits to be fed, giving us the opportunity to not die the death of the dead. For the dead in spirit are separated from God and from love, true love, not the lust that the world tends to speak of.

Let us not forget that we too were in this position until we made an eternal decision to accept God’s provision and believe in His life, His death and His resurrection. Oh the perfection that is in Jesus Christ, Who, though was hated by His very own, refused to allow us to reap the seeds we had sown. He took on our sins as His own as His body was broken to the bone. (more…)

God Knows His Children

The Lord knows His children, who, through faith in Jesus Christ, He has declared righteous. In being righteous, in receiving righteousness, we are able to cry to the Lord and have our tears be in vain.

What then? Shall we praise His name during the good and not the bad? Shall we glorify His kingdom only when we have nowhere left to turn and are sad? God forbid, for wherever we are He is with us. And in His being with us we are prosperous by default.

So in the midst of trials we may have confidence that we strong, for it is not in our own strength that we walk, talk or breathe, but by the Lord’s grace and mercy that we are able to live.

Hold your head up high, not because it does not hurt to do so, but so that you may recall where your power, your strength and your victory come from; from above.

Praise be to Him, for He loves you and is with you. Stand strong in Him and He will see you through.

Jesus Loves You

The joy we seek, the peace we desire and the love we desperately need are not found by or through any thing, or any person, in and of the world. Only by the gift of God, Jesus Christ (personification of God, Who is love), do we have access to these things.

For how can we claim to love others if we are blind as to Who, not what, love actually is? We cannot. Without Jesus, whenever we speak that phrase, at its best it means nothing.

Jesus loves you and came to save all of us. Believe and receive and you too will be saved, being taught Who love is.