The Most Important Is me

Graham_LogoWe say that we’re near the cross yet pride dominates our heart from the start of every sentence to the last of every word, the pride of life seeps through all that our minds have conjured. What sense can there be to neglect the liberty that sets us completely free for a spree of mediocrity found in saying ‘the most important is Me?’ (more…)

The State Vs. The Church?

Separation from the church? How is that even a state to state such a mistake from a power that’s fake. Corrupt pride from the side no longer hides, it derides, and exposes evil sides of the world that’s wrong to begin with, commit a sin and defend it is the word that it girds around its waist, as it wastes it existence because it doesn’t look to His face. (more…)

The Time is Now (Romans 5:6,8)

Graham_LogoThe precise timing of a perfected event by the One Who was sent from beyond the stars to make an attainable path for those on Mars, spiritually lost and wandering the abyss, telling themselves they see although the target they always miss. The bulls-eye was small and as they throw they would always fall, a quick slip because of a lack of grip because they were not equipped with the double-edged Word at their hip. (more…)

The Good Fight (1 Timothy 6:12)

Graham_LogoI do indeed implore that we settle a score about the inconsistencies that bore and bear pain and despair. Surely this time turns inside-out at the drop of a dime, obliterating rhythm and rhyme, turning what was once sweet into a lime. But do not be sour, for in a coming hour that strength, that power, will generate such a tower, a save haven, a place available because of His saving. (more…)

Far Away (Ephesians 2:11-13)

Far, far, far away from His grace, blinded by so-called class and race that are designed to displace the Truth from the face. With eyes that do not see though they operate, they discriminate and humiliate from an indoctrinate sarcophagus that blinds with jewels, that lives through rules and has lust that drools in primitive ways, that makes one count the days, though they are evil. (more…)