God’s Power

It pushes me to finish the tasks that I did not see not myself completing.
It rushes me through the finish line even though my feet are not fleeting.

It makes me strong in adversity, though muscle is what I lack.
It takes me through the valleys, over the mountaintops, and back.

It shows me exactly where to go and what route to take to arrive.
It knows me well enough to give me a detour just because I have to drive.

God’s power, God’s power, lifted up my Savior from the dead;
placing all power in His hands and a crown of victory on His head.

God’s power, God’s power, strengthens me when I acknowledge I’m weak;
providing the same power He gave the Son as long as His will is what I seek.

…But Give

Even though we were of no use to Him, He refused to use that as an excuse to not be a Savior to us. While we were His enemies He gave us a gift; something we would never be able to purchase because its depth is deeper than the life we see on the surface. All because His purpose, His love, His unending grace is the only thing that allows us to successfully run the race.

What? Don’t we understand that He gave us His sword and His shield, knowing that we are fickle at best in deciding which way to wield?

In spite of all the things that we are not He still made a way for us to accept that our sins He would blot, because His wounds He refused to clot, because His righteousness He refused to boastfully trot… but give.

Are We Chained or Are We Free?

Are we chained or are we free? Do we soar through the skies or rest in the nest in our tree? Do we take to the air and go here and there or do we refuse to accept what is our true share?

Surely there are times when the winds will slow us down, but having His knowledge is the most powerful trait around. For when one door closes seven or eight may have been given, as long as we know in our hearts that He is risen.

Our obedience to the faith opens many doors to walk through, the key to unlocking these chains is believing that His life is true. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings all,

make sure that this time of year is not merely a symbolic occurrence but a reverberating mindset to where we are always thankful and willing to bring joy to others. May God continue to bless you through all situations and circumstances. Know that through faith in Jesus Christ that you are prosperous by default because His blood continually and eternally covers our faults.

Much love to you, your families and all people here and above. God bless.