Though I Hurt

Though I hurt He is there to comfort my soul. Though I cry He takes my pieces and makes them whole. For the whole is made of many parts, that all start with knowledge of His greatest art, His masterpiece, His Son. One and done? No, He’s making a second trip to manifest the evidence of the down payment that is the Holy Spirit. So who is it that you allow to take your joy? The love of God is all around you, like children around a toy.

Do employ your senses; look for Him and see Him in all that you do. Through times both good and bad He is there for you. Seek the knowledge and understanding of God the Father, Who never places Himself farther without our permission; which would be a destructive decision against the provision of live He made usward.To sin, His grace says, “anything you can do I can do better,” no matter the weather.

Whether it will or it won’t is not the query, but will we trust in Him when our eyes are teary? Happy tears and sad ones, no matter the reason, praising His for Jesus Christ isn’t limited to a season. He is good all the while, showing me His love and mercy even though my spirit stood on trial. Condemned by the world, its sin and myself, but His love He never withdrew and placed on a shelf. To God be all praise for making my path straight and song me through His Son as He continually cleanses my plate.

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